• Part Time
  • Anywhere
  • Job Hours: Sunday mornings 10am - 12:30pm




We are looking for a person available to teach on Sunday mornings 10am – 12:30pm from Sept – May. The students are from grade 1 -7. This is a Secular Humanist Jewish school teaching about Jewish values and culture. This is a paid position with an annual salary.


At Oraynu, we provide the opportunity for children to:

  • Learn about Jewish history, culture and values within a secular, humanistic framework.
  • Feel confident in asking questions and thinking for themselves.
  • Understand the humanistic values in Judaism – especially the individual’s responsibility to oneself and to society; how these values were part of Jewish life in the past; and how they can guide us today.
  • Emphasize the value of  tikkun olam – making the world a better place – within their own lives, family, community and the world at large.
  • Experience Jewish culture and community through activities such as tzedakah (charitable or community service projects), family education, field trips, music, extracurricular activities and the celebration of holiday and life cycle events.
Additional Comments:

If interested please email [email protected] .

To apply for this job please visit oraynu.org .