Business Mentoring

Hadracha’s volunteer business mentors are passionate professionals and leaders.

They are available to you, as experienced resources and sounding boards, to help you grow your business and to set you on a path towards business success.

Starting, maintaining and growing a business shouldn’t be done without Hadracha – having a mentor is a great first step.

Business Coaching

Take mentoring a step further with Hadracha’s professional coaches.

As experts in their fields, they can provide objective guidance throughout the growth and development of your business.

The best resource you can have for business success is someone who’s been in your shoes – someone who can provide Hadracha. Business coaching is a great fit.

Personal Financial Services

Maintaining your personal finances requires making informed decisions – not only by learning from past information and your current standing. Knowing your options for down the road is just as vital.

Hadracha recognizes the importance of personal financial planning by providing professional help.

Whether you need someone to review your personal investments, help with a family budget or provide a second opinion on an insurance plan, this is your home’s financial chinuch – a service backed by Hadracha.

Career Guidance

Career exploration guidance:

  • New Employment
  • Change Employment
  • Increase Employment Opportunity

Career decisions shouldn’t be made in haste. They also shouldn’t be made alone.

Depending on your needs, Hadracha can help you make the right choices either with our extensive career resources or through one of our established organizational partnerships. Begin your career with our resume and interview preparation!

If you’re going to spend more than 40 hours a week in the same place, a sound approach to your career should always start with Hadracha.

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